When a young man becomes a member of the Halifax Prep Basketball Association he does not live on his own. Each player is placed with a family from the community and spends the entire basketball season with them. Billet families are expected to provide a home away from home including the provision of nutritional family type meals and other supports when required. But above all else they are to ensure that the player feels at home and a part of their family.

Sacrifices for many it means moving away from home for the first time, some as young as 16 years old. In some cases the player has to deal with learning a new language. A team member could actually be with the same team and family from 1 to 5 years, unless released or a change is required. The billet home becomes a player’s second home and the community becomes a second hometown.

There are benefits that come along with billeting a member of the Halifax Prep Basketball Association such as Free entrance to all our Home games, 30% off our HP merchandise and more. These perks however do not equal the overwhelming joy a family receives from opening their hearts and homes to a fine young man who is trying to achieve his dream of playing in the National Preparatory Association.

All potential billet parents must undergo an in-house interview and complete a consent form for Release of Criminal Record Information. At such time, the current billeting coordinator will also inspect a prospective player’s room. All potential billet parents must meet the high standards as set out by the Halifax Prep Basketball Association. Billet families are considered the "Sevens Strong" and without them the team would not be a success.

Billet Family Responsibilities include:

Dedicated Room – which includes a bed .

Family type Meals

Laundry – to be determined between player and billet

Support, communication and understanding are vital. All concerns regarding the player should be directed to the Head Coach.

Having the player feel at home and part of the family is very important

If you feel you may be interested in being a billet family, please fill out the billet application or email: [email protected]

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