We combine the virtual classroom experience with traditional classroom structure to help you get ahead. All our courses follow the Ontario Ministry of Education requirements and are nationally and internationally recognized. All credits count towards your grade 12 high school diploma and University eligibility.

Courses take 110 hours to complete and exams can be scheduled at your convenience. We specialize in quality education for the busy student.​ Many of our students have extensive training and travel schedules. We are committed to individual attention and small class sizes to ensure our unique programs remain focused on the development of each student.

Every student is assisted with the development of a plan that is ultimately designed to provide students with understanding, and ownership of their academic, athletic, and personal goals.

Teacher Availability (Monday-Friday):

* 24-hour response time 

* 48-hour correction and grade turnaround

* Weekly real-time office hours

* Real-time appointments upon request

Junior Program

Senior program

For more information, contact: [email protected]